Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why Two Cups of Coffee?

I read somewhere that the number of cups of coffee that a mother drinks is directly related to the number of children that she has. It's true. Before kids, I rarely drank coffee in the mornings. It was more of a treat than a necessity. After I had my first child, I started to drink coffee on a regular basis, but usually no more than a cup a day. Then, baby number two came and my full-fledged coffee addiction started. Now, I MUST drink coffee everyday, first thing, before I do anything. Then, I have another cup and perhaps another and then maybe I'll have another in the afternoon just so I can make it until bedtime.
This blog has nothing to do with coffee and everything to do with why I need to drink at least two cups of it. The normal things in a mother's day: cooking and cleaning, arts and crafts, fun and games, laughing and crying, silliness and crankiness (not necessarily in that order). And the things I do when the children sleep: reading, sewing, crafting and anything else that makes me happy.
Drop in regularly, say hello, and happy reading!

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Tonya said...

Hello, I found your blog on allsorts : ) The name caught my eye because I am addicted to my 2 cups every morning as well LOL I have 7 children though, but 2 sometimes 3 still works for me ; ) Anyway, just wanted to say hey!