Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Instant Gratification Sunday

Sadie has really been into accessorizing her outfits lately. She loves purses, belts, extra layers, tights, jewelry, and special hair thingies. She is such a girly-girl which is a good thing for me because she keeps me crafting. A new headband was desperately needed to keep Sadie's ever-growing hair out of her face which is probably driving me more crazy than her. I purchased the pattern off of etsy from deidrewicks and I found the instructions immediately in my inbox. Gotta love the instant gratification in that and I had all of the materials that I needed in my house! So, I got started right away and sewed while watching The Rage in Placid Lake on Hulu (which I thought was an excellent movie, by the way). I made the headband reversible and I shrunk the pattern down a little to fit Sadie's head. I just love the feeling of accomplishing whatever you want to accomplish without having to leave your house. Sewing and movie watching instantly? It feels so gratifying.

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sammon said...

What a cute headband! I've just made an Emmeline Apron out of that cherry fabric and will have to make a matching headband for my daughter and me.
And unrelated, I love your little girls name. I had forgotten (until I talked to an old friend) that I had wanted a little girl name Sadie when I grew up. I'm all grown up and have a little girl, but not a Sadie. :(