Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Turkeys and Time For A New Camera

I'm pretty sure that hand-print turkeys have been around for about 200 years, but it's a fun activity to do every year. We turned ours into Thanksgiving cards for the grandparents. I already have a hundred of these hand-prints all over my windows and walls so someone else should share my wealth!
On a completely different subject, I think my camera is totally crapping out on me. All of the pictures I've taken in the past week have been really really hazy. I would like a really nice SLR camera, but feel I should just get a point and shoot camera for everyday use and keep wishing for a SLR camera say when we finish paying off our student loans in thirty years. Does anyone have a camera that they absolutely LOVE?? I'd love to hear about it.


Liz said...

I have 3 recommendations. If you want a point & shoot I would recommend the Nikon Coolpix L10. We got ours for cheap because it was being discontinued for the new model but I think the L series are all pretty good. For an in between I would say that the Fuji S7000 that I had (gave it to Mom when I got the SLR) is great. She often gets the shot when I can't with my SLR because it is so bulky. I love it's compact design and you can attach an external flash to it if you need extra lighting. But for the big one I have a Nikon (noticing a pattern?) D70. I think it has been discontinued for a newer model too. I love all of the things I can do with it. Now if I would just get over my paranoia about toting around a bulky camera I would have excellent photos for everything.

Hand turkeys are great. By doing it every year you must have a great record of growth.

Mom2BeautifulGirl said...

I love my Fuji Finepix F40D. It's fast and easy to use.