Monday, November 10, 2008

A New Necklace

Every once in a while, a girl's gotta buy herself some jewelry. Funny thing is, I pretty much never wear jewelry, but I really wanted some kind of mommy necklace. So, I splurged and bought myself this necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs. She has many different pieces of jewelry to choose from but they are all hand-hammered and hand-stamped simple yet beautiful sterling silver pieces. I love my new necklace and I don't just admire it in the box, I actually wear it. Yea for jewelry. Yea for Lisa Leonard!


Artistmama said...

Really beautiful! I need to check her designs out.

Gramma Sharon said...

Gorgeous necklace. It is just perfect for you.

~heather~ said...

I saw you wearing it and meant to ask you about it! Lovely!