Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Favorites #1: Chippers

Every time I come home for the holidays there are a few "musts". You know, the things that you can't get every where and those special little things that make the holidays the holidays. Well, one of my all time favorites are "chippers". Chippers are chocolate covered potato chips and while I've recently started seeing them around in other parts of the country, they've always been a part of my holiday memory. I know that chocolate covered potato chips might sound kind of disgusting, but trust me, they really are divine. They have the right amount of chocolate with a little crunch and a little bit of salt. You can buy them year 'round, but I only eat them at Christmas time. We used to buy them at a little mom and pop candy store in Grand Forks, ND called Widman's. They are still open (alas, no website!), but my parents have since moved from my childhood home and have moved to the big city of Fargo. Luckily, a fourth generation Widman opened a store there so I can get chippers at Carol Widman's Candy Shop and enjoy them without making the drive north. Now, I must go and satisfy my chipper craving!

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lkolstoe said...

You introduced me to "chippers" in college, more than 10 years ago and I still love these tasty little treats! I received a box of them as a thank you gift from our Flex Plan Administrator in Fargo. I was like a little kid when I opened the box!! I had a hard time sharing them - but my butt thanks me for the decision to share! When you move to Bemdji I'll bring you a box from Crookston!