Monday, December 1, 2008

The Ornament Christmas Tradition

One of my traditions with the kids is to buy them each a new ornament every year and give it to them the day that we trim the tree. I try to choose an ornament that represents who they are or what they liked that particular year. I write their name and the year on the bottom of the ornament. So, when they grow up and leave home they can have a few ornaments to take with them to put on their tree. I'm hoping that eventually they start looking forward to receiving their ornament and reminisce about the ornaments as they put them on the tree.
This year, I really wanted to get Sadie a moose ornament because whenever she hears one of us coming down the stairs she says, "I hear a moose coming." This is actually the second ornament I got Sadie. The first one was a moose riding a motorcycle. Sadie looked at it, said "That's crazy!" then dropped it on the ground and it shattered into 15 pieces. This one is not as fragile.Eli is into Matchbox Cars. He loves "love bugs" as he calls them and he loves cars with big wheels. This was the perfect ornament for Eli this year!
What are your favorite Holiday traditions?

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Artistmama said...

What a great tradition! I love it!

The one holiday tradition we do is a Christmas eve present that is always pajamas. It's fun and feels so comforting to put on nice new pjs for Xmas eve. My mom's reasoning was we always looked cute for Xmas morning pics.

Also, I make a special chocolate zucchini cake on Xmas eve for my son's B-day. Everytime I make that cake throughout the year he says, "Is it Christmas!?"