Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Friends, Fondue, and Fun

What do you get when you take 3 pots of cheese, 4 loaves of bread, 4 pots of chocolate, a ton of fruits and vegetables and other yummy goodness AND 10 starving moms desperate to have a night out?


I've already mentioned that I have the coolest mommy friends ever and it was once again reiterated last night. Every month we have MNO (Mom's Night Out) hosted by one member of the group. We usually go out to dinner, but last night we had a pot-luck fondue party in a room we rented at a community center followed by bowling and bubble tea. Each lady brought something fondue-ish to share, which meant that there was way too much food, but everything was absolutely delicious. The conversation took all sorts of twists and turns from showering with husbands (sex has to mentioned at least once every MNO's. It's an unwritten rule.) to problems getting pregnant (so heartbreaking) to blogging (of course!) and we got to do it all without any interruptions from our children. Yea! We all walked away filled in every possible way. Some of us even had our pants unbuttoned but still managed to eat 3 more brownie bites covered in chocolate and drink a milk thai tea with bubbles. Here are some highlights.
Chowing down:
Me getting into some serious bowling action. Don't worry. I only scored an 85 or something rediculously low like that. I tend to be a gutter-strike-gutter-strike kind of person:A kiss for good-luck:

Enjoying (or not) the bubble tea:

I think karaoke is next!!!

P.S. Thanks Alyssa for letting me steal your photos!


tomandcheryl said...

At least I LOOK like I enjoyed the bubble tea....haha!

Tonya said...

It looks like y'all had a blast! I am going on a MNO tonight. We will be going to the sushi happy hour and will probably end up at Barnes and Noble (we always do lol)

Oh, and at our last MNO we had a conversation about showering with our husbands too! How funny is that? Yeah, sex is always discussed, which my dh finds funny. Apparently at DNO (Dad's Night Out, which is really just poker night) all they talk about is sports and who is winning. Men and women are SO different.