Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sadie's Sun Catcher

Sadie is a short nap taker and her brother is a long nap taker which means that Sadie and I have a lot of alone time in the afternoon while we wait for Eli to wake up. Yesterday, Sadie made a sun-catcher out of contact paper, tissue paper, and glitter. This was an excellent project for her because she didn't need my help. She ripped the pieces of tissue paper and put them onto the sticky contact paper: She added some glitter:
After putting another piece of contact paper over her finished product, it was ready to hang up:


Tonya said...

Another great idea! I am going to be using lots of your ideas when homeschooling starts. This way the two babies think they are doing school too. : )

kim said...

Oh I am so stealing this idea. My oldest loves projects, and I'm sure my twins would have fun ripping stuff up as well. Thank you for stopping by my world today. come back any time.

billie said...

I'm stealing this one, too! I bought of roll of contact paper a few months back, I hope it's still in the art cabinet. The kids will love this! Thanks, again!