Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Make Your Own Windsock Out of Recycled Materials

Here is a quick and easy craft project that uses things I guarantee you already have at your house. I'd like to thank Halo for being my model. My kids helped me make a windsock for my dad for his birthday. We hung it up outside to make sure that it worked. Halo saw it and everyday since she has begged me to help her make one. Today, I finally agreed. I think this would make one awesome Father's Day gift.

  • thick plastic bags (like garbage bags, not the thin grocery bags)

  • an empty juice or 2 liter soda bottle, rinsed well

  • yarn

  • scissors

  • duct-tape

  • hole punch
1. Cut your juice bottle into a ring about 4 inches tall.

2. Cut the plastic bags into streamers that measure about 2" x 18". You'll need about 6 strips.

3. Roll out the duct tape with the sticky side up, but don't cut it yet. Lay your plastic streamers colorful side down onto the bottom half of the tape leaving about 1/2 inch between streamers.

4. Line up the bottom of the plastic ring with the bottom of the tape that has the streamers and roll the ring along the tape making sure that there are enough streamers for the size of the bottle. If there are not enough streamers, add more. Cut the tape.

5. Roll out more tape sticky side up, do not cut. Line up the top of the plastic ring with the top of the tape and roll covering the entire ring. Cut the tape. (This step is purely decorative, if you can call duct tape decoration.)
6. Punch 3 holes in the plastic ring at the top of the windsock. Trying to place them an equal distance from each other.

7. Tie a string to each hole. Tie the strings together so it forms a tri-pod in the center of the windsock with a longer piece to tie the windsock up with. (Sorry I don't have a better picture of how I do this, but I think you get the gist.)

8. Hang up the windsock. Voila! One beautiful windsock for your family to enjoy.


kim said...

oh we are so making one of these today! Thankyou for the fantastic project.

Trish said...

The wind socks look like a lot of fun! Thanks for the tute. I received the coffee and chocolate and give them both high praise. Thanks so much!