Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Angry Chicken

Seriously, if you have not stopped by Amy Karol's blog Angry Chicken, you really need to. Your life will be changed by doing so. I want her to be my mom (not that my mom isn't great), no wait, I want to be her or at least live inside her mind for a brief while. She's that cool. She's crazy creative and tries all sorts of fantastic stuff that I then have to try too. And she has a book that I've borrowed from the library and have made several things from.
She's inspired me to freeze beans, freeze rice, make a shirt and a bonnet, and want to try to wash my hair with baking soda and vinegar. She makes really cool things for her girls, one of which is named Sadie. And now she's introducing us to different paper projects that really I'm not that interested in, but she linked to this website that I think looks like loads of fun!! I'm so going to make this jumping jack and this cup and ball toy. Stop by and check her out. She just might inspire you too.


Lola said...

Angry chicken is one of my favorite blogs too!!!
I think that is because she's a regular Mom...but also an incredible designer, cook, eco-minded person!

Mountain Mom Alison said...

I agree! AC is on my list of daily blog check ins.