Friday, May 23, 2008

Author of the Week: Frank Asch

One of my favorite book characters of all time is Moonbear created by author/illustrator Frank Asch. While Mr. Asch has written many books, his most well known books are the Moonbear books. Moonbear is a sweet, curious and adventurous little bear. Along with his friend, Little Bird, Moonbear plays with the moon and believes that the moon is playing back because of mother nature's mysteries: echoes, clouds, and shadows to name a few. Moonbear's innocence is charming and delightful. The illustrations are bright and bold and out-lined which makes the pictures seem to glow. These books are simple enough for even the youngest child, but enjoyable for the young school-age crowd as well. Check out Moonbear, delight in his ways, and go back for more!


Leah said...

I'm really enjoying reading backwards in your charming blog! And I too love Frank Asch.

billie said...

Awww, I remember MoonBear. I use to read it to my daughter when she was little, I think we still have the books! I, too, loved the illustrations -- very simple, but delightful