Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Steve Earle, The Business of Being Born, New Friends and Design Mom

My husband, Dennis, and I have a date tonight. I'm really excited because we rarely have moments of just the two of us doing couple things. We are going to see one of our favorite musicians, Steve Earle. Great music with my best friend, what more could a girl ask for? The only thing that's a little disappointing is that one of our new favorites, Todd Snider, is going to be in Columbus this Thursday. We have to miss is it because our living-off-of-student-loans budget just doesn't allow for going out twice in one week. Bummer!

A friend just sent me a link to watch the documentary The Business of Being Born for free!! I watched it last night and it made me want to have another baby just so I could give birth at home. Check it out, it's very interesting and informative. As a side note: why is it that I cry everytime I see a baby being born yet I did not cry at the birth of my own children? Where were my "love horomones" that they speak of in the movie, considering I had relatively quick and easy non-medicated hospital deliveries?

I have added a new list of blogs on the side-bar. These are new-to-me blogs that I discovered because they left comments for me here. It's fun to check out what other Stay At Home Moms are up to. It's amazing how much these women can accomplish on any given day. PuddinPop is a mom to 7!! That's 7 cups of coffee...

If you're not already an avid DesignMom reader, you should be. At least for this week. In honor of Mother's Day she is having give-aways all week and these aren't just any give-aways. They're beautiful things that any woman would covet. All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog to register. It's too easy.


Lola said...

You know...come to think of it, I never cried at any of my childrens births either! I always thought I would, but in that moment I think I'm on auto-pilot or something!

I'm NOT going to watch that movie because I already want to have another one, but I'm NOT going to (at least not for a few years!)

Tonya said...

Oh, I have been wanting to see The Business of Being Born. I am very into natural childbirth although I did give birth in the hospital. My best friend has had her last 3 babies at home and I was there for all of them, wonderful experiences! And it is so funny, but like you I cry at everyone else's births, but not my own! I think it is a little bit of the relief of having the baby out after the work you just did LOL I am so thrilled, just never cry. I am on a high or something, the endorphins maybe?

Anyway, thanks for mentioning me on your blog : ) I hope you and dh have a blast on your date!