Friday, May 9, 2008

Author of the Week: Pat Hutchins

I love when I've found an author that no matter what book I grab of hers the kids are going to love it. Pat Hutchins is one of those authors. Every week, I grab one of her books (she has a lot of books; we've barely scratched the surface) and it's an instant hit, a nightly read for the whole week until we make it back to the library to exchange it for another Pat Hutchin's book. In each of her stories, the illustrations tell the story, without them the story wouldn't be the same. One of her popular books is Rosie's Walk, where a little red hen is unknowingly out-foxing a fox. I personally love Good-Night Owl, because the illustrations are so cheerful and so perfectly retro. But apparently, Titch is her all-star. I'd never heard of Titch until this week when we checked out Titch and Daisy. Then, when searching the internets, I discovered this: a whole web-site dedicated to him, a tv series and books based on the series (which I'm sure I'd dislike a whole lot--much like the new Curious George and Clifford books... whole 'nother topic.). I'm not here to promote tv watching, I'm all about the books and I like her books A LOT. I think you would too. So, go to the library and check her out. Then, tell me what you think.


Mountain Mom Alison said...

Hi again. Going to the library tomorrow and will look for Pat Hutchins. Always good to get great book referrals.
P.S. Thanks for your comments on my new venture. Support is always welcome!

Tine said...

I recognize the pictures from somewhere! I will definately look for her books next time we're at the libraby!
Found you via Puddinpop! I like your blog :-) Love the scavengerhunt-ideas!!

Tonya said...

I am so excited, I have never heard of her, but am gonna definitely check them out next Library trip! We got a lot of Franklin books last time. Ava and Samuel love for me to read to them, so does Savannah, even though she is 8 and can read all by herself : )

Tonya said...

Forgot to say that I am a sucker for illustration in children's books. If I don't like the pictures, I won't get the book. All of my favorite books as a child had pretty pictures, I can't remember the stories, but I can remember the pics : )