Sunday, May 25, 2008

Picture Collage

I finally finished Sadie's picture collage now that her 18 month pictures have arrived. Sadie's was missing a picture frame and really felt kitty-wompous, but even after adding the picture and rearranging some of the other pics without putting too many extra holes in the wall it still feels a bit kitty-wompous. Now I feel like I liked the old way better; maybe it will grow on me. It's that darned upper-right hand corner picture that feels off. What do you think?

These collages are above the each of kid's bed. I made the letters by applying fabric to pre-made paper mache' letters using spray glue. Here's E's:


MomMom said...

Love the collage groupings!!
I think the upper right pic should be higher.... My useless .02 LOL

I found when I did mine that a piece of painters tape on the back held them when I leveled them. Otherwise everytime I walk in the room they shift!! :)

Mountain Mom Alison said...

I personally like to mix b & w with colour. Is that the issue? Or maybe the positioning. At any rate, I like the whole kitty-wompous thing!

Tonya said...

These are very cute, great idea!

Joy said...

I can finally leave my comments since I just set up my gmail ac. I love collages too. I think the picture looks fine. Re-position it perhaps? How about swaping it with the one at the bottom right? It will feel as though Dennis is lifting Sadie up towards the centre of the entire collage frame.