Monday, May 26, 2008

Easy Toddler Activity: Cereal Counter

This is a very easy activity for toddlers and pre-schoolers. It only takes a minute to set up and it kept Sadie busy for 30 minutes so it gets an A++ in my book.

  • play dough
  • stir stick or skewer
  • O-shaped cereal

1. Stand a skewer or stir stick straight up into a wad of play dough.

2. Count the O-shaped cereal as you put it on the stick. (Sadie didn't do this part. She just put them on the stick!)

Voila! So easy.


Tonya said...

Good idea. Last night, Ava spent a good half hour putting a deck of cards into a plastic cup, dumping them out and doing it again. She figured this out all by herself LOL

Sarah and Jack said...

This is clever!

Anonymous said...

gr8 website! how do u think of wierd things lyk dat!