Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Easy Bird Feeder

  • pine cones
  • string
  • peanutbutter
  • bird seed

1. Tie your string to the top of the pine cone. You could do this as the last step, but then you run the risk of getting peanutbutter and bird seed all over your hands and shirt!

2. Smear peanutbutter onto the pinecone.

3. Sprinkle bird seed over the peanutbutter covered pine cone.

4. Hang it up in the tree.

Voila! Now you have to sit and wait for the bird (or squirrels) to come.


Lola said...

We made these!! It was so much fun to watch all of the birds gather around them!
It's about time to make them again...

Trish said...

Oh this is a good one. The birds really love it too!