Saturday, May 31, 2008

Could It Be True?? The Last "A Post A Day In May" Post

Today was such a busy day. I know this because I was only able to check my email twice today! Twice. That's simply not enough for me. I'll get to more of my busy day in a minute. But before I do, allow me this sappy little moment. I can't believe that I've hit the end of "A Post A Day In May". It's been crazy. I was so nervous starting this blog, you know, putting my whole life out there in blogger land and now it just seems so normal. I've met some new blogging friends along the way, people that I admire as parents, crafters and human-beings. The best part is, I feel I've "discovered" what this blog is going to be about: me and my kids, how we function and what we do. I was really hoping that it would be more about my crafts, but I just don't have enough time and truly my attempts are so meager that I really hate to share them. I was also hoping that I could share more recipes, but my pictures are just horrible. Don't get me wrong, I still plan to share my crafts when I get to them and my cooking when my husband's actually home for supper and we're eating more than mac-n-cheese! Mostly, you're going to read about Eli, Sadie and me and what we do for fun, projects we work on, books we read, moments we share, my parenting triumphs and defeats. Hopefully, we will all learn together: you from me and me from you. I'm hoping (fingers and toes crossed and eyes closed really tight) I can pull off three posts a week. So, please don't make today your last stop at Two Cups of Coffee. Come back and visit now and again.

And now onto this: The other day, Eli told me that he wanted a crown, a prince crown, not a princess crown because he's a boy not a girl. Well, wouldn't you know that I was reading Amanda Soule's book The Creative Family and there just happens to be a pattern in it for making a crown. So, last night I made him this crown, complete with ribbon in his favorite pattern, camouflage. I was pretty proud of my handiwork and was all excited to show it to him. First thing this morning I told him I had a crown for him. He looked at it, screamed "NO!" and then threw it on the floor. I was so bummed. By noon, I was able to get it on him. I'm thinking tomorrow he's going to totally dig it.Eli's best friend turned three on Wednesday. He had his party today. This is my tried and true frugal way of wrapping presents. First, you use the Christmas wrapping paper that you've had for ten years that you think is pretty ugly and wrap the present with the ugly Christmas part on the inside and the white part on the outside. Then, let your kids go wild and crazy with the markers and the stickers.
Well, not this wild and crazy with the markers:
  • We got our CSA food again. We got quail eggs. Anyone know what to do with quail eggs? The Farmer's Market totally rocked today. We got honey, radishes, lettuce, bacon and get this, FREE MILK!! Apparently, this guy is a "Milk Evangelist" and just loves to spread the good word about his milk and was just hoping to get the word out. Now the word is out. I'm just excited it's not ultra-pasteurized because I need that to make some cheese that I've been waiting to make.
  • Am I the last person in the world to try this No-Knead Bread recipe? Seriously. It's so easy and delicious. I am in love with the genius who thought of this. I'm baking some right now. Want to come over?
  • We have become a two car family again. We just purchased a new used-car. Yes, we are back to our high-polluting ways, but Dennis needs a car for his rotations next year. I was not about to give up my car and he didn't really feel like biking 30 miles to work. It's a cute Mazda 3, sporty wagon/hatchback thingy, the kind that are popping up everywhere now.

Plan on stopping by tomorrow. I'm going to have a little give-away in honor of surviving "A Post A Day In May".


Lola said...

Yeah for surviving Post a day in May"!!
I'll be over for some bread!!

Trish said...

I'm totally impressed with those of you who did a post a day. And don't worry about meager crafts - they are my favorite!

Looking forward to reading more :)